Sunday, October 16, 2011

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Nigeria at 51

They say a fool at 40 is a fool forever, I try my best not to think the same applies to my beloved country Nigeria, but as times goes on I am starting to think maybe it the same saying applies to the country. Last week the Nigeria Independence parade was held in the beautiful city of New York, the people was celebrating the country turning 51, Even though the parade was fun, it got me thinking what has Nigeria achieved in the last 51 years since independence. It is not like the country provide the citizen with free and good education, or a good health system that the people of the country can rely on. Many things is wrong with the country yet some people of the country still claim Nigeria is the Giant of Africa. A giant that is known for corruption and lack of improvement.
It bothers me why a rich country like Nigeria has such a high level of poverty, I often ask my self why the majority of the people have not yet tasted the rich and wealth of the country. I dont understand why a great Nation that has produced some Intelligent and great people like Chinua Achebe, Wole Shoyinka , Flora Nwapa, etc can not be examined from the angle and the character of these intelligent and great people.
I am still dreaming of the day Nigeria will have electricity for a week without taking it out. The day when she will do her first heart transplant, the day when a child from the village does not have to go around selling bread instead he or she is in school learning how to be the world greatest leader, Maybe my dream might eventually come true one day when the government of the country starts working for the people.
I can sit back and act as if the problem does not affect me, but then I will be lying to myself. sometimes I think about the future generation of the Nation and I feel nothing but pain in my heart because I know the government is not making their future look bright. their future continue to blink like a old overused light bulb in the village. The greed of few people in the country have the future of the young generation in jeopardy. there is this Nigeria proverb that says" The alcohol that is insufficient for a whole town ought not to intoxicate one man", which means if a food or water is not enough for the whole community there should no reason why a man in the community should have a left over. This is not the case of the government. They don't really care if the people of the country starving or dying. all they care about is themselves
I know the country will change one day but my question is when will that happen when the government are not willing to change and the young generation are either scared to rebel or they themselves are as corrupted as the older generation. We celebrate the Birthday of the Nation every year without having nothing to show for it. I think it is tome for people to stand up against the government.


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